GREENAWAY, Murcia, 23-5.11.2006


This congress is intended to analyze the work of the British film director Peter Greenaway, concerning both cinema and art. He is one of the most important film makers nowadays, as well as one of the philosophical reformers of cinema, a draughtsman, a painter, a writer, a critic and a organizer of exhibitions. This multifaceted personality makes it necessary a cross-disciplinary approach when studying his work. In this congress, and in accordance with its subtitle, Greenaway’s work will be analyzed from three different and essential perspectives which, likewise, will structure the three days of conferences.
1. Cinema. Papers related to any aspect of Peter Greenaway’s filmic practice and theory will be accepted in this area, specially those questions concerning the cinematographic discipline itself.
2. Body. This area is intended to examine one of the main themes in Greenaway’s poetics, body. Papers dealing with the study of corporal representation both in his filmic and his artistic practice will be accepted.
3. Painting. There is no doubt that the reference to painting is one of the common places in Greenaway’s cinema. We would like to encourage you to present papers concerning not only the relationship between cinema and painting but also between cinema and any other form of art.
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Invited Speakers:

· Hans BELTING(Universität Karlsruhe)
· Omar CALABRESE (Universitá di Bologna)
· Peter GREENAWAY (cineasta)
· David PASCOE (University of Glasgow)
· Mario PERNIOLA (Universitá Roma II)
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