Deleuze Studies Conference 11-13 July 2016
Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Via Ostiense 234 -00146
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Conference director and Camp/ Summer School Coordinator: Daniela Angelucci (Roma Tre University) and Ivelise Perniola (Roma Tre University)
Tuesday 12.07.
17:30 – 19:00 Aula Magna: Mario PERNIOLA (University Roma Tor Vergata), BECOMING DELEUZIAN?, chair Paolo D’ANGELO, University Roma Tre

Becoming Deleuzian?
I always perceived a family likeness between deleuzian thought and my texts, but many factors prevented to be sure of this closeness until now. A thorough study of Deleuze-Guattari’s A thounsand Plateaus has taken away all my doubts. In fact, becoming more familiar with deleuzian vocabulary, I could not help noticing that the key-concept of “Body without organs” is not different from my concept of “Sex appeal of the Inorganic”. Another obstacle was the notion of “life”, that is a milestone of deleuzian thought. This topic was par excellence the cause of many misunderstandings, especially of ideological and parasitic usages of deleuzian philosophy, that trapped it in a form of vitalism, as if it were the upshot of French spiritualism’s tradition! On the contrary, the process of desubjectivation is a pivot, a fulcrum and a keystone of Deleuze- Guattari’s philosophy. The time has come to consider Deleuze’s thought as a creation of new concepts. In my opinion, it can be drawn like a triangle, whose vertices are three notions: assemblage, becoming and plane of consistency. They are not distinct moments, but a unique moment. However this triangle does not create something stable, lasting, enduring forever. But becoming-deleuzian is absolutely not to imitate Deleuze-Guattari’s style of writing! If today you wrote in this style, you certainly would be expelled from your universities! This is an issue worthy of further consideration; in the last forty years, the gap between academy and radical thinking has become huge!
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